Chemical Chapter


Phoegon Resources Ltd. is a leading supplier of Graphite worldwide, and we have been supplying high quality products and services to the oil & gas industry and other industry such steel making, forgery, refractory and etc.:
Trade Name: PRLGRA
commercial Name: Graphite
Technical Data:
Test items  
Fixed Carbon: 80% Min.
Moisture:  1% Max.;
Bulk Density: 1.65---1.90
Paticle Size: +200 mesh: 98% Min.
+50--200 mesh: 90% Min.
Application: Phoegon Graphite (PRLGRA) is an alternative to glass bead for providing lubricity.
Appearance: crystalline powder
Packing:  in 1000 kgs or 750 kgs big bags or as per your requirements;
Shelf Life:  within three years
Handling: it is recommended to use dust mask, google or other devices on handling or adding into the mud system.



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