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Sulfolignite Resin (SPNH)

Phoegon Resources Ltd. is a leading supplier of Sulfolignite Resin (SPNH) in China, and we have been supplying high quality products and services to the oil & gas industry:
Trade Name: Sulfolignite Resin (SPNH)
Trade Mark: PRLSPNH
Technical Data:
Test items Guaranteed Value
Moisture:: 18% Max.;
Water Insolubles: 12% Min.;
pH Value: 9---12
Application: Phoegon Sulfolignite Resin are mainly used in oil and gas industry
Good Thermo-stability up to 180<C;
Good Temperature resistance up to 220<C;
Compatible with brine, fresh water & salt water based drilling fluids;
good decreasing fluid loss on api & HTHP;
good resistance on calcium pollution and reduction on viscosity;
good resistance against fraction and landslide.
Appearance: Phoegon Sulfolignite Resin is free flowing black or brownish powder.
Mud Type Fluid Loss AP
Fresh Water Mud: HTHP 30 Max. 20 
ambient temperature middle pressure 10 Max.
Salt polluted Mud: HTHP 35 Max. 40
ambient temperature middle pressure 15 Max.
Packing:  Phoegon Sulfolignite Resin to be packed in 25 kgs plastic woven sacks or 1000 kgs bags; in 350 kgs plastic drums or in 1000 kgs plastic containers.


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