Chemical Chapter

Potassium Formate

Phoegon Resources Ltd. is a leading supplier of Potassium Formate in China, and we have been supplying high quality products and services to the oil & gas industry:
Trade Name: Potassium Formate
Chemical Formula: HCOOK
Formula Weight: 84.12
Specific Gravity: 1.58g/ml for 74% liquid; Density: 1.91 g/cm3
Technical Data:
Test items Solid  Liquid
Assay: 96% Min. 74%
KOH: 1% Max. 0.5% Max.
K2CO3: 2% Max. 1% Max.
KCL:  1% Max. 0.5% Max.
Moisture: 1% Max.
Specific Gravity (30 Degree) 1.50--1.54 g/ml
Density:   1.91 g/cm3
Application: Phoegon Potassium Formate are mainly used for Drilling Fluids and Completion Fluids in oil and gas industry, also used in leather industry, printing and dyeing industry, cement industry and other relatively industries.
Appearance: Phoegon Potassium Formate is colorless and semi transparent liquid.
Packing:  Phoegon Potassium Formate to be packed in 25 kgs plastic woven sacks.


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