Chemicals Chapter

Poly Anionic Cellulose (PAC)

Phoegon can  deliver quality PAC to be used in oil and gas drilling in various grade with Technical Data as follows:
Trade Name: PAC;
Application: Industrial, gas-drilling and oil-drilling industry;
Appearance: white or yellowish free flowing powder;
Standard in force: API & OCMA.
Property: PAC is a polymer with high property of high substitution ability, viscosity enhancement, salt resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture keeping ability.
Chemical content:
Assay: 95% Min. 90% Min. 85% Min.
Substitution: 0.88--0.95 0.88--0.95 0.80--0.85
Sodium Chloride:  3% Max. 5% Max. 8% Max.
Viscosity (2% solution at 25 Degree Centigrade) mpa.s 1500 Min. 20---40 1500
Moisture Content: 10% Max. 10% Max. 10% Max.
Delivery Time: Phoegon's PAC shall be produced within about 2-5 weeks as per the specific requirements of each orders. 
Packing: Phoegon's PAC in 25 kgs multiple paper bag to be lined pe bag with or without pallets ;
Storage: Phoegon's PAC to be stored in dry, ventilated and cool place.
Remark: specific requirement shall be available upon request. 



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