Chemical Chapter

Cesium Formate

Phoegon Resources Ltd. is a leading supplier of Cesium Formate in China, and we have been supplying high quality products and services to the oil & gas industry:
Trade Name: Cesium Formate
Chemical Formula: CsHCOO
Formula Weight: 177.92
Specific Gravity: 2.3g/ml at 24.5 Degree Centigrade
Relative Viscosity: 3.1 CP (at 16.5<C for Water's Viscosity of 0.9111 cp)
Boiling Point: 123<C
Freezing Point: -5<C
Technical Data:
Test items Liquid 
Assay: 40%---90%
pH value: 6---10
S, Rb, K, Na, Li 23000 ppm Max.
S, Ba, Ca, Mg, Sr 90 Max.
Sulphate: 900 ppm Max.
Chloride: 150 ppm Max.
Specific Gravity (16.5 Degree): 2.3 g/ml
Application: Phoegon Cesium Formate are mainly used for Drilling Fluids and Completion Fluids in oil and gas industry
Appearance: Phoegon Cesium Formate is colorless and semi transparent liquid.
Packing:  Phoegon Cesium Formate to be packed in 50 kgs plastic drums or as per your specific requirements.


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