Chemicals Chapter

Calcium Chloride

Phoegon Resources Ltd. is a leading supplier of calcium chloride, not only to the oil & gas industries, but also to the other industries, i.e. de-icing, water treatment, dust control, cement concreting, agriculture and other industrial production either from our own production or from our sister production mix.
Trade Name: Calcium Chloride;
Chemical Formula: CaCl2;
Molecular Weight:
Application: Industrial, di-icing, water treatment, Oil & gas-drilling industry;
Appearance: white flakes, powder, prill, granule;
Chemical content:
กก 77%---80%Grade 90---94% Grade 94%---96% Grade
Assay: 77% Min. 92% Min. 94% Min.
Sodium Chloride: 3.5% Max. 2.5---4.5% 2.5---4.5%
Calcium Hydrate:  2.0% Max. --- ---
Sulphate: 0.2% Max. --- ---
Water Insolubles: 0.2% Max. --- ---
Iron: 50ppm Max. --- ---
Size: Flake, Powder, Granule, prill Powder, Granules, Prill Powder, Granule, Prill
Delivery Time: most of the cargoes shall be produced within about 2-5 weeks as per the specific requirements of each orders. 
Packing: Phoegon's Calcium Chloride to be packed in 25 kgs plastic woven sack, 500 kgs big bags or 1000 kgs  big bags;
Storage: Phoegon's Calcium Chloride to be stroed in dry, ventilated and cool place.
Remark: other grade, such as 70%, 72% and 74% are also available for regular supply.


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